80 Simple Dark (Black) & White Background Wallpapers

Sample Dark (Black) Background Wallpapers :
Black Apple Orange Dark Blue Eye Girl Black Dark Halloween

Sample White Background Wallpapers :
Black & White Cups Wallpapers Porsche White Background Sexy Girl White Background

Total 80 Simple Wallpapers in Dark (Black) & White Backgrounds | 1920×1200 (Widescreen) | 8MB

Download :


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  1. Dan says:

    Please use MEDIAFIRE to upload your files!!!!!!!!!

  2. faisal says:

    upload to mediafire

  3. admin says:

    Because of slow internet connection, i can’t able to upload to multiple services.

  4. Kupo says:

    Or u could use Megaupload which is also really good and free and way way better than the stupid rapidshare =]…..thanks for all this pics

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